Image representing content is king
4th April 2016

Content is King for boosting site visit

The contents of your website has the power to draw people to your site and keep them there. So to key to driving traffic to your site and to generate lead is to create useful and optimised content. SEO is important, but simply flooding the site with keywords won't cut the cheese anymore. Now it's...
A banner for Slack
4th April 2016

Why we love Slack

After using countless apps within our studio for communication: HipChat, Teamwork Chat, Skype even Whatsapp; but nothing ever seem to meet our thirsty need. That is until we came across Slack. Slack is an application that enables push and pull communication with your team and tools. It is especially useful for internal business-related communication and...
Slice of infographic
3rd April 2016

Useful design terms for non-designers, for when you work with creatives

Us designers often use terms such as “white space”, “kerning”, “CMYK” and “PSD”, amongst many others when working on projects. Unfortunately, creatives may find things getting lost in translation when collaborating with non-designers who are unfamiliar with these terminologies. Like any relationship you cultivate, it’s important that both parties are speaking the same language from the start. In...
31st March 2015

Website Design Trends in 2015

Are you planning to update or refresh your Website Design this year? Lets have a look at the top 5 trends in website design this year. Here’s a smashing Infographic from the team at Bowen Media on exactly that!
17th March 2015

Your website is part of your team.

Imagine, just imagine you hired a new sales person named Martin for your company. Here are a few things you should know about Martin Martin works all day & all night, through out the year, no Christmas break, no hangover sick days. He works 24/7, 365 days a year. His only purpose in life is...
Grolsch celebrating 400 years of premium beer
11th March 2015

400 green bottles hanging on the wall create a giant tribute to 400 years of beer

Grolsch, the premium Dutch lager, has celebrated 400 years of originality by creating a one-of-a-kind art installation in 400 minutes, using 400 of its swing top bottles. Street art collective, Graffiti Life, took on the challenge to mark Grolsch’s 400th anniversary, creating a giant tribute to the beer’s iconic swing top bottle in Shoreditch, London,...
4th March 2015

We’ve launched our shiny new site!

The AltSplash team have been squirreling away behind the scenes to create a shiny new website. In the past 6 years we have grown up somewhat and what you see is a sleeker, more professionally focused…and more playful offering. We would like to thank everyone that supported us throughout this transition - all our partners,...
Image Long Live New York
6th October 2014

Long live New York

A gorgeous organ donor advertising by the Oscar winning animator Laurent Witz. The iconic clock from Grand Central Terminal symbolizes the heart of New York City in this impressive 90-second animated film from Y&R, part of its campaign backing the New York Organ Donor Network. CREDITS Client: New York Organ Donor Network Agency: Y&R, New...
Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 12.22.40
15th July 2014

Slick Ad to Sell a Crappy 1999 Car

What do you do if you have a crappy car you just want to get rid off! Well, David Johns took an imaginative approach and made the slickest video, and waited for the offers to come rolling in. Johns is the digital director of Australian agency Chimney, so he got his colleagues on board, and...
Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 12.26.18
8th June 2014

The Turkish Airlines Ad That Brings Childlike Wonder Back to Travel

Turkish Airlines‘ new local ad whisks viewers back to their childhood when imagination was the only thing that stood between them and traveling the world — or building a runway. Turkish Airlines is known to the advertising world mostly for its goofy, fun-loving, insanely popular ads with Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi. The new two-minute commercial is grand...