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Kerry Taylor is a leading expert on vintage fashion and is known as a renowned vintage dress dealer.

Handling an amazing variety of historical garments as the UK’s premier vintage auctioneer. They have sold pieces that belonged to royals (Princess Diana and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor), Hollywood superstars (Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe), aristocratic society princesses (the Honourable Daphne Guinness), supermodels (Marie Helvin and Jerry Hall) and rock royalty (Michael Jackson).

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Having establising themselves as a leading Fashion auctioneer, Kerry Taylor Auctions decided their previous website was in deer need of a facelift, with a fresh new look to ensure existing users are kept, and new ones converted. AltSplash was commissioned to develop a site where they will be able to showcase their upcoming auctions and to develop a system where the users can easily leave a bid online. The aim of this project was to increase the interplay and further improve the way users interact with the site.


The Brief.

The existing website at the time was tired, dated and did not match the prestige of the Kerry Taylor brand. The front-end was slow and difficult to navigate around, the back-end was cumbersome and hard for editors to manage; customers found the process time consuming and conversion rates were low. Kerry Taylor Auctions wanted a website that would allow customers to easily scroll through the auction items, and give the business flexibility to manage the site and bids with ease.

Research & Insights.

After careful UX & UI analysis we determined the biggest flaw being in the user experience.

Our primary goal throughout the UX phase was to design a customer experience that required a minimal level of thought from the user. Everything on the screen had to have a purpose, and all page clutter was removed.

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Kerry Taylor Auctions receive a lot of praise on the press on a regular basis. And we wanted to showcase all that in their site with a trendy flavor. The new news page lists all their media coverage from magazine articles, newspaper clippings and video news coverage.

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Because of the nature of business, before every auction, Kerry’s team have to upload hundreds of products and approximately a thousand images to the site. We have built a system that allows them to upload all of that with just a few clicks and with a short span of time. This has dramatically increased their productivity.

Seamlessly making their bidding system’s export format fully compatible with the site’s import feature, now they can upload hundreds of products with description and images upload within minutes.

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Kerry Taylor is an auctioneer rather than an online bidding system. All their auctions happen live and in person in their stores. Bids are placed in person and over the phone, depriving visitors who cant physically be there to take part in the auction.

So, it was inevitable that the site needed an option where visitors could leave their bids online. This way, the strain on the website will reduce on the day of the actual auction.

Only registered visitors can leave bids online. User registrations would need to be followed by their Admin teams checking and approving the application.


Typically, an Auction takes place with approx. 500+ lots and it would be a nightmare for a user to browse and remember the product when its time to leave a bid. Which is why we added an “Add to Watchlist” button, so that visitors could mark a lot and review them on  a later date.


  • Market Research, Competitor Analysis
  • UX Analysis
  • UX/UI Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Website redesign
  • CMS solution
  • Bespoke modules development
  • SEO
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