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CV Tigers is a recruitment agency with a difference. They work on behalf of other recruitment agencies allowing them to act more as head hunters.

Their unique business prospect has allowed them to get recognition quickly within the industry.


– Branding
– Brand Strategy
– Digital Strategy
– Website design
– Web Application Development

Launch site

The Brief.

CV Tigers is a recruitment agency with a unique selling point. They tend to work directly with organizations to determine the company’s requirement. They work as headhunters where a subscribed company will simply inform them of their requirements and they will find the perfect ones for them from their approved pool of candidates.

Because their business model is more based on fixed subscriptions rather than commission fees, they needed the site to be precise and clear on their pricing structure. And being an online company, their client would have access to a portal for all their submissions.


Having undertook extensive workshops, our UX team devised a website prototype that demonstrated key user journeys with intuitive navigation and content. Good user experience was a key priority, and the creative treatment needed to present CV Tigers as forward thinkers, but also offer their clients a logical and accessible website.

The proposed custom portal development would need to be easily accessible and clear on whatever the client might be looking for. All the communication between CV Tigers and their staff will be restricted solely to the portal, where the portal will manage everything from receiving requisitions from clients till submitting relevant candidates back to them.

Being a young and forward thinking company we needed to give CV Tigers a brand identity that will standout from the crowd within the saturated market. The identity itself would need to be very bold, so showcase their differentiation from traditional recruitment agencies.

After days of research and countless sketch we came up with the idea of actually using a chasing tiger, to focus on the head hunting feature. Once we confirmed the idea, the rest of the task were followed correcting the fonts to the colours.


Taking an unconventional approach for a professional company as such, we decided to design a one page smooth stroller site, where all the information would be in its designated place allowing their visitors not to get overwhelmed with the multitude of informationa traditional recruitment agency site migt have.

Straight to the point, clear-cut information and call to action buttons were the winning factors on the site structure.


We created a portal for CV Tigers’ clients to login and submit requisitions. This way CV Tigers can capture all the information they require before they initiate the headhunting process.

Instead of having boring forms to fill in, we made the designs more interactive aiming for a less tiresome experience for the users. Once again our idea of structured navigation and designated positioning was applied.

The portal is complete with multilevel access control and automatic responses. Even the client’s have restrictions to the number of requisitions they can submit in a day and more importantly the number of submission per month as defined by the CV Tigers’ admin for that particular client.



  • Branding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • UX/UI Analysis
  • UI Design
  • Website Design
  • Custom Application Development
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