Beauty Republic

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Beauty Republic is dedicated to providing high-tech, state of the art solutions to all your health and beauty needs.

They specialise in non-invasive, non-surgical procedures to give you fantastic results without the need for surgery.


They might be a small beauty parlour, however given their growing popularity with what they do and how they do it, they are rapidly being a brand name on the high street of Islington. They wanted us to carry out a facebook campaign for them whereby they can attract more people towards their doors.

After analysing what they do and their location based, we decided to design an eye-catching facebook page, to attract all the gorgeous ladies in and around London. Their location is a big advantage for them, which is why we also carried out a QR code marketing in numerous North London underground station.

The QR-codes allowed the scanners to visit the facebook page on the go and obviously hoped they would hit the like button. Again clicking on that ‘like’ button also meant the customers would recieve 10% discount on their first treatment.

Their banner campaign, meant we designed a number of banners for them, to be displayed around in some external sites and physical location, along with a massive one being stuck to their shop front. They did say the big sign did increase the number of footfalls within the store, why shouldn’t it, who doesnt want to look gorgeous on a lovely summer day.



  • Market Research
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Website Design
  • Phototshoot
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