Let’s define 18 Events

Event Management

18 Events is a rapidly growing business offering clients décor for weddings, corporate events and providing a total managed service for any event and has managed to make a mark within the industry.

They began their trade in 2005 abd since then they have managed to get exclusive contracts with a number of international organisations.


– Branding
– Website Design
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Guidelines
– Digital Strategy
– Print Design


The Requirements.

Having establising themselves as a leading event management company, 18 events decided their previous brand was in deer need of a facelift, with a fresh new look to ensure existing users are kept, and new ones converted. The existing branding at the time was tired, dated and did not match the growing reputation 18 events was getting at the time. So we were tasked with re-branding the company starting with their brand identity and developing them an interactive website.


Our primary goal or the project was to re-brand the company to show its luxuriousness, their unique point of view and their simplicity. Bring in a new modern look, our aim was the branding will allow them to attract more high profile clients.

We wanted the new brand identity to reflect the company’s ethics. To portray their luxurious side of the way things are done. The gold plated monogram with the emphasis on London certainly makes things a lot more interesting than their previous identity.

After countless brainstorming sessions and a number of workshops we finalized on the premium color and the simplistic look. Since the launch of the new and improved brand the company has received numerous accolades within the hospital industry.

As per the client the new brand image has certainly helped them in acquiring new and exciting clients and opened doors for them with some prestigious location suppliers including The Ritz, The Savoy and The Dorchester London.


Additionally we also designed a printed company profile for the company which allows them to use the magazine style brochure as their selling tool.


18 events has been acting as a leading event management organisation in London and wanted us to rebrand their business to make it more attractive to casual people rather than only corporates.

So we  took that as a challenge and from the drawing board we carried out User behavior analysis to determine the best possible solution to that. The result was a simple one page horizontal scrolling site to being in a new dimension to the website.



  • Brand Identity Design
  • Market Research, Competitor Analysis
  • Market Positioning analysis
  • Brochure Magazine Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website redesign
  • UX Analysis
  • Content Stretegy & copywriting
  • UX/UI Design
  • Digital Strategy
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