Why user experience matters

User experience

We all agree that design is important, and when something that looks good works well it’s just the icing on the cake. With regards to design, UX is just as critical element as the visual identity of a company. When a user can’t navigate their way round the site or the app you have lost their attention, they can easily get turned off, much like a bad brand identity or an unsuccessful packaging.

User experience is a benefit to any digital platform, however when implemented strategically for any experience where a user have to accomplish a task, be it a website, an e-commerce solution, any complex applications or wearables- the presence of UX opens up a clearer pathway to conversion. Ongoing user experience strategies and optimisation can greatly increase the longevity and scalability of any digital product.

Interaction on digital products, or any product as a matter of fact is where it all comes together. Focusing on the importance of user interaction is a key aspect in driving the importance of user experience.

UXECreating rich and memorable experiences is the key to bring the user back time and time again. The patterns and motivations noticed can be translated into motion in user interface designs, making room for possible constraints and connectivity. The system can be built to help users achieve their goals and see progress through feedback and numerous notifications.

A good UX strategy isn’t just for large companies, benefits can be seen across any industry and business size. Taking into consideration that it takes only seconds for a user to decide whether they think a site or app is worth their time, for new brands and products launching or for a startup a solid user experience in place can be the catalyst for building momentum that is needed to give the new company the boost it needs to survive.

It is vital to understand the aspirations of intended users and and transformed the experience into meaningful responses for users. UX isn’t just about how the website or the app will look but to define how a user will interact with it. It is about solving a problem and making it easier for the users to use the end-product, which is why any UX strategy should start off with identifying user goals. In short, a UX Design is carried out to dictate how a user should behave within the website or app to get meet their goals.

A successful UX implementation must involve the brand owners, designers and developers. Providing each stakeholder with a full creative brief, allowing each phase to flow into the next with a bridge from the previous phase will ensure a process that results in the most optimal product for the user.

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