How sites are designed when working with a web design agency


Let’s take you down the path, us digital agencies follow when we are commissioned for a new digital project. Our aim here would be to give you an insight on the steps we take, the milestones we work towards to ensure your digital project is classified as a success. This knowledge should also help you work better with the agency and give you an idea of what to look for if you are still trying to find the right agency.

Here is a brief process of how sites are designed by a digital agency.


Creating Goals and Doing the Necessary Research

Every website is different, their objectives are different, the purpose, the image is very different from each other. Every client has a unique vision in mind when it comes to what they want from their website. To accomplish this vision there will be a number of goals that need to be met. The goals will vary and will be broken down into small milestones throughout the project. Although the clients might have an idea of what they want, they won’t be entirely clued on to what the right course of action should be, which is why research into the company’s brand, market, target customer, etc. will need to be conducted to help establish a vision and execute the design.


Set The Tone by creating a creative brief

Name it kick-off meeting, initial project meeting or a fact finding venture, we call this discovery session. Upon successfully completing the discovery session we will draw up a creative brief, which will act as the backbone of everything we work on in the project. A creative brief can be a set of questions posed to a client, or the union of information gathered by the agency presented to a client.

The kick-off meeting will allow critical information to seep through which should then be turned to a creative brief by pairing gathered information down to simple and straightforward points .

Defining a few guidelines and ‘who, what, where, when’s’ can help to structure information and get everyone on the ‘same page’. These implementations will help improve workflow as a part of a project management process.


Planning and Wireframes

Without a clear plan any design project will become unorganised and move at a very slow pace. So in this stage a precise plan would be imperative. Even if the small details of the plan isn’t set out, a clear course of action will be defined.

Following the plan, the agency will start with wireframes to collaborate with the client, help the client visualise what the site will look like, and map out the structure of the website.



A team must work together to make sure that the final product is the best it can possibly be and that the project moves forward without much difficulties.

There needs to be a strong communication between each role (whether it’s designer, coder, developer, etc.) so that errors can be solved, the design is consistent, the vision is met. A working methodology needs to be in place where a project is open to iteration.


Design and Development

Mockups are shown to the client for approval. Different colour schemes, fonts, graphics and layouts will be tested to see what works best. The development team will work with the design team to ensure the visual aspects and the functional aspects of the website synergies.

Many agencies will open the lines of collaboration with clients throughout the project so that they can make suggestions.


Testing and Fixing Errors

It is inevitable that the website will have errors and bugs when it comes to design and development. The team will test for bugs, exploits and errors so that the final product is of the highest quality. Some agencies will create variations and iterations and work with the client to identify which iteration will perform better so that the client gets the most out of their new website and to ensure the overall goal was met.

The agency, right at the end should conduct a project hindsight. This will allow the team to take a moment and reveal if a project was competed properly or allow them to identify any pitfalls that emerged.

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