Why culture matters when choosing a creative agency


In the not too distant past, the creative market was dominated by big firms with seemingly never-ending expense accounts. But now the creative agency model has shifted to a more open market with varied options ranging from small boutique outfits, to agency collectives.

Foremost – agency talent is key when it comes to choosing a creative team. It’s important to assess organisational elements such as services, capabilities and process as well as past work and portfolio – but perhaps the factor that can make or break a successful relationship is ensuring that the agency’s culture fit is in alignment with the brand it’s paired with.

Core Values

Assessing the values of an agency will provide necessary insight to determine if the working relationship will be compatible. More than likely, the engagement will be over a long period of time, so taking the time to review these is key.

Ask questions like: What is their purpose? / What makes them different? / What drives them? / What inspires them? / How is the team motivated and engaged?


The philosophy of a creative team really comes down to point of view and process. Evaluating how a team work together to get the job done, if you would prefer working one on one with each team member through the process or if you would prefer a collaborative approach. From parallel to iterative to agile design methodologies, many creative teams have take different approaches to their process. Chances are, if a client isn’t comfortable with the agency’s process philosophy – the project will be difficult to navigate successfully.


Choosing an agency based on their specialisation may seem like a no brainer, however upon kick off, the brand may realise that the agency is too rigid in it’s process and doesn’t offer enough collaborative opportunities. It’s also important to ensure that the creative team understand the brand, can relate to it somehow and can connect with the target audience to achieve the tone and voice where the brand can connect with it’s audience. After all that is exactly what a brand wants – connecting with their target audience, control flow of engagement.
Which is why it is important to schedule a discovery session either in person or via phone and/or video conference to ask questions and get a feel for the people behind the digital persona. If you employ an agency to handle your creative tasks, you need to make sure you are both on the same page. The discovery session will allow you to know the creative team, how well they understand your brand, your idea, your vision; only then they can create a successful campaign for you.

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